5 months to Education Expo…setting objectives

Face-to-face marketing yields some of the best returns on investment but preparation for Education Expo is key to achieving good returns.  Over the next 5 months we’ll share some advice on how to prepare for Education Expo and make the most the experience.

The most successful exhibitors have clear and realistic goals about what they want to achieve from Education Expo.  You have 2 days to put months of preparation into practice in order to achieve your on-site objectives for the event.  Start by writing down exactly what you wish to achieve in clearly defined terms.

Are you attending Education Expo to make new sales, launch a new product or maintain your brand awareness? Perhaps it is a combination of these and more.  Whatever the reason, set clear goals based on your target market and expectations of the event.  Is there a particular type of principal or school you are targeting this year? Identify them by location, school size etc. and set your goal accordingly.  For example, ‘aim to get 50 follow-up appointments with principals in Leinster’, ‘distribute the high-end brochure to principals of schools with ASD units’, or ‘collect contact details for 200 principals of schools with more than 500 pupils’.

Once set, your objectives will feed into all other aspects of your Expo preparation from marketing to stands design, staff training and event follow up.

Being there is not enough. Publicise your attendance.
You may or may not have your stand booked and you may or may not have considered the extra items that will raise your profile.  Now is the time to sit down and plan a full marketing and publicity strategy for the next 5 months.  The sooner you start the more effective it will be. Include all items at your disposal from briefing your network of sales reps to investing in high visibility sponsorship, stand design, your social media strategy, email marketing and all on-site exposure.  Much of this is low and no cost but some is certainly worth investing in if you really want to make an impact over the 2 days of Education Expo.  We’ll be looking at this in greater detail in future blog posts but for the moment start planning what you can do on all fronts.

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See more….Check out this really useful video from FaceTimeuk.org about Setting your Exhibiting Objectives: This episode will give you a clear steer on how to go about defining your marketing purpose at the event, whether it be; meeting new prospects, shaking hands with current customers or building your brand awareness in the market. – See more at:https://youtu.be/FB_WBKbpi2s

IPPN's Education Expo is Ireland's largest trade event for the education sector bringing together more than 125 companies and 1,200 primary school principals from primary schools over 2 days. Education Expo is a component of IPPN's Annual Principals' Conference taking place adjacent to the conference auditorium in Citywest Convention Centre.

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