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When planning your marketing strategy bear in mind that as the professional body for more than 6,000 primary school principals and deputy principals IPPN maintains strong channels of communication to our members. In our members survey, principals and deputy principals told us that they are significantly more likely to consider purchasing from a company they have seen in Leadership+ magazine or encountered at Education Expo because of the support these companies show to IPPN.


Print Advertising and Direct Marketing: Leadership+
Leadership+ is IPPN’s member’s magazine and one of the most valued services IPPN provides for principals. There are excellent advertising opportunities available through Front Coverthe publication with very good discounts offered on series of 3 or 6 adverts. In addition to advertising within the publication, you can mail your flyer to schools with the Leadership+ mailing. Including your flyer with IPPN’s mailing is a cost efficient and effective way to deliver your marketing material directly to the principal.

Bookings for issues up to the end of 2017 are open and there are excellent discounts available on series of three or six consecutive issues.

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IPPN own and operate, the number one method by which schools advertise jobs and teachers find work. More than 20,000 job-seeking teachers use each year on a regular basis to find work and more than 6,000 vacancies are advertised annually. Traffic of up to 3 million pageviews per month are generated during the busy summer period making this site an ideal choice if you wish to target teachers as well as principals.

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